WallingCurved Stone Path

Having walling in your garden not only improves the look of your space, but can also improve privacy. We have the capability of building a range of different wall types, in a variety of shapes and sizes, using different materials.

Dwarf garden walls

As the name suggests, a dwarf wall is much smaller than other styles, usually reaching a maximum height of 750mm. Walling can be used as a border to section your garden.

Natural stone or brickRaised Stone Patio

Natural stonewalls can be made into any shape and size, meaning you can customise your wall design to compliment your garden layout. Both brick and natural stone walling are very durable due to their solid properties and will withstand extreme weather conditions.

Reclaimed railway sleeper walls

Railway sleepers are a great material for creating your garden walling, especially if you are looking for something a bit more unique looking that the traditional stone or brick walls you see in many gardens. The sleepers come in both hardwood and softwood, and in different lengths and widths allowing you to be creative with the wall we create for you.

Tanalised softwood or hardwood wallsWall Close-Up

Wooden walls have their benefits over other materials, in that they blend in more with greenery and look natural compared to materials such as brick. Hardwood is typically more durable and weather resistant than softwood, however the fact that softwood is tantalised means that they should last a lot longer, no matter which of the two materials you choose.


Retaining walls

Garden Feature

A retaining wall is used to hold back soil and therefore needs to be strong. There are a choice of materials when it comes to retaining walls, however some materials such as wood aren’t the best choice as they are not as strong and will likely not last as long. Our knowledge and expertise means we can assess each garden individually to see which material and size wall will be the most suitable.

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