Fence Behind Flower Bed

Whether it is used as a security/privacy measure or as a decorative feature, a fence can be a great addition to your garden.

Get shelter, security and privacy

A fence is a great way to keep your garden sheltered from weather such as gusts of wind which can ruin your grass and plants. Not only this, a garden fence also makes it harder for intruders to get into your property, meaning you can feel safer. The fact that a fence helps to stop people being able to look into your garden means you can enjoy more time in your garden with additional privacy.

Stepped FencingAdd value to your property

You may be surprised to find that fencing can actually add value to your property, but it is something that many people look for. If you ever come to sell your home, you will find that many people will prefer privacy in their garden, and a fence looks neat and borders off your garden from your neighbours.

There are lots of options

When choosing a material for your fence, there are lots of options, meaning you can create the perfect fence for your garden. We offer various style panels including softwood, hardwood and custom made panels, as well as optional concrete, timber or PVC posts with gravel board. All options are appealing in their own way and have their benefits, however whichever material you choose for your fence we will ensure that it is long-lasting and looks great in your garden.

Perpendicular Fence

We offer high quality garden fences

Here at R&H Landscapes, we can help you decide on the perfect fence for you, and will offer a high quality service right from your initial enquiry to after installation. Get in contact today on 01246 280555 to speak to one of our team.