Wooden decking looks great in any garden, adding a soft, natural touch to your outdoor space. There are many options when it comes to choosing your garden decking, and you should consider a range of factors including shape, colour, material and practicality.Decking With Steps

Tanalised softwood decking

If you’re looking for a garden decking solution which provides the greatest value for money, softwood decking may be the best choice for you. All our softwood decking is tantalised meaning it has been treated to ensure that it is durable. This style of decking can easily be stained to keep it looking fresh and the colour can be changed to preference.


Hardwood deckingHardwood Decking

Decking made from hardwood is much more durable than other options, and if you are looking to spend a bit more in order to get a long-lasting garden decking material, it is probably the best option for you. Hardwood decking will withstand all weather conditions, making it a great decking material which will last many years.


Composite decking

This type of decking offers a longer lasting solution for your garden, with an expected lifespan of over 25 years. It provides an environmentally friendly option as it is made from recycled materials, making it more sustainable than other decking options. A common misconception is that composite decking is much more slippery than wooden decking, however it actually has anti-slip properties making it suitable to walk on and child friendly.


Fence and Decking

No matter which material you opt for, we can help

Here at R & H Landscapes, we offer a wide range of softwood, hardwood and composite decking using high quality materials which will last. If you know which material is right for you, or whether you need more information and guidance, we are happy to help. Speak to one of our professional team on 01246 280 555 for information and a free quote on your garden decking.