Pergolas & Gazebos

Modern Garden

If you’re looking for an outdoor structure in your garden which looks impressive, is practical and hard-wearing, we install an extensive range of pergolas and gazebos which will compliment any garden and be a focal point for your outdoor space.

Further extend your living space

If you already have a garden space with a patio or decking, you will have noticed that it extends your living area, and a pergola or gazebo does the same, meaning you have even more space to relax and spend time with friends and family.

Modern Garden 2

If you are wanting a space where you and your family and friends can socialise and enjoy time together, pergolas and gazebos are great for entertainment space. You can even customise your pergola or gazebo by adding lights, speakers and more to create an entertainer’s paradise. Host parties and BBQs throughout the summer months by creating an outdoor space that you and your guests will love.

Can be custom made


We offer a range of softwood and hardwood pergolas and gazebos,and each type of material has its own benefits. Hardwood, for example, is much stronger and long-lasting, however many people opt for softwood because of its colour and natural look. Whichever material you choose, we can create you an outstanding wooden pergola or gazebo which will look amazing in your garden. We can customise the shape to your preference, depending on the style you are after, and how much space you have.

Single pergolas can be a great way to separate your garden, such as sectioning your patio or decking area from the rest of your garden. This creates extra privacy if you have a seating area or table, meaning you can enjoy time in peace on your own or with family.

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We offer a free quote on all garden work, so if you’re looking for a practical and visually appealing pergolas or gazebo for your garden, get in contact with our professional team today on 01246 280555 or 07531 682382.