We specialise in laying driveways using many different products from concrete block pavers to natural stone paving in a wide range of mixed colours and size.


A patio is an extension to the property where you can go out and enjoy. Although many concrete products are available we recommend using natural stone paving for its quality finish and beautiful colours to blend with any setting.


Decking can give a soft natural look to your garden. We can construct a high quality pressure treated deck at a fraction of the cost of other materials or if preferred, a hardwood decking that really is the ultimate choice in decking.


Fencing is the perfect boundary to any property whether it’s for security or for a decorative feature. We have installed many fences using timber, plastic, steel and concrete products.

Water Features

We can install you the perfect water feature or garden fountain for that stunning feature and new dimension, the running water creates a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

New Lawns

Turfing is the finishing touch to any newly landscaped garden. That’s why we use only the tough Dwarf ryegrass blend stadium turf that will last for years.


Pergolas are a garden feature that can be used for different things such as to form a shaded walk or passageway, a privacy seating area or an open stand alone feature. These can be built in any shape or size to fit your garden using soft tanalised or hardwood timber.


Walls can be a feature in their own right or used to retain and provide seating. Walling is the most permanent and expensive of all garden boundaries. They can provide excellent security and will last a lifetime.